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Вакансия Senior Project Manager во Львове (web and mobile software).

Norwegian-based provider of web and mobile software with development facilities in Ukraine (Lviv, Kharkiv) and sales office in Oslo. We are looking for Senior Project Manager at the Lviv office.

О компании:
Extensive experience in creating entertainment and mobile community sites and applications. We've done almost everything - from simple galleries to complex mobile portals and apps. We are keen in usage of mainly open source tools - from PHP to Sinatra and Ruby on Rails, and to Objective C 2.0.
We created a set of tools that can make your site almost instantly mobile - and not only in visual way. Our automatic customizable image scaling tool makes any image fit any known device screen, and not overuse the traffic. Device detection system, made on top of well-known WURFL database, allows applying different styles and layouts - or show even completely different versions of sites - not only for each device family, but for each actual device model.

General requirements:
  • Experience from project management for more than 3 years
  • Technical background
  • Upper intermediate English level
Here are some features the charming person should have:
  • A straight person, honest and reliable, who does not push himself beyond limits and can wrap about various life angles: current project, news in IT world, rest... the one with charisma and magnetism that inspires others.
  • If your work is your hobby. If you love your work. If you have passion for everything attached to this: get satisfaction from it, make it exciting with your neat ideas, make friends with us.
  • Be an eager learner. Not all our people are developers. But all of them strive to achieve full potential: one is managing his own project and the whole company, another is engaged in development, doing his best working on mobile applications and giving hand to web team, another is coming up with crazy ideas – in such manner we are all developing together and gradually achieve our goal.

Advantages we offer:
  • Close-knit family. Lotta things stand behind the word “family”. Impossible to explain.
  • Flexible schedule. We do understand and welcome those who still study in Ukraine and abroad/work from home/etc.
  • Business trips to Norway
  • Indeed spacious office.
  • A pretty, fully-equipped kitchen.
  • Interesting English classes.
  • Paid vacations and ability to have vacation whenever needed.
  • Social package.
  • Competitive salary, regularly reviewed depending on professional growth.
  • Что в нас особенного?
    • У нас есть лаборатории - у каждого человека есть 3 рабочих дня в месяц, когда можно поработать над чем угодно, самому, или собрать команду. 
    • Время от времени команда внезапно и не запланировано ездит куда-то.
    • Офис гибкий, можно много всего поменять - переезды по комнатам, разукрасить колонны  разрисовать стену.
    • Путь, от возникновения идеи, до реализации достаточно короткий, и не обременен бюрократическими процедурами.
    • Несмотря,  на то, что офис  в офисном центре, есть душ, так много людей приезжают на велосипеде в тёплое сухое время года или если в настольный теннис играют напряженно, то тоже иногда хочется в душ :)

If you fall in love with this role - please e-mail your resume to vpridatko@yandex.ru, skype:vprydatko.

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I`m Falling in love ))
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Борис, а когда вам будет в самый раз?)