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Задачи для интеллигентного и умного Java разработчика в Grammarly.com.

The Grammarly Java team transforms our core technology into a product and delivers it to our users. As a part of the team, you’ll be working on the Grammarly website, integrating our products with third-party services, dealing with high-load performance problems, and developing the upcoming public Grammarly API. You will also help us build tools to engage our users more closely and analyze their behavior in order to transform our product according to their needs.
We are a small team of highly skilled professionals, and we’re looking for an experienced, ambitious, and technically inclined person who loves modelling data, analyzing data and working on challenging and performance sensitive tasks.

Meet your future colleague

Andrey Listochkin

Andrey Listochkin

Java Team Lead
I’m Andrey Listochkin, a Java and JavaScript developer and tech lead at Grammarly. I focus mostly on front-end work, designing web APIs, building HTML5 apps, and working on systems stability and scalability. I also enjoy teaching others, particularly about modern Java, JavaScript and other web technologies. Grammarly is a great company. We’re working on exciting and challenging tasks, and I strongly encourage you to join us!

Skills Required:

  • 5+ years of server-side Java development experience
  • Good understanding of Java fundamentals: generics (wildcards, covariance and contravariance), concurrency, annotations, reflective programming (dynamic proxies, AOP)
  • Hands-on experience with data analysis, SQL programming (query optimization, DB design)
  • Experience with performance tuning of server-side Java applications (CPU and memory profiling, GC tuning, heap analysis); IO-bound performance optimization experience is a big plus
  • Software architecture and design skills
  • Experience with any of the following: Jax-Rs, embedded Jetty, jsr 299 (CDI), Mockito, Guava, ForkJoin, Hibernate, any request-based web framework
  • Experience with Git (prefered) or other DVCS

Candidates without experience are strongly advised to possess at least three of the following:

  • Knowledge of any functional programming language (Haskell, Erlang, ML) is a big plus
  • General knowledge and appreciation of Functional Programming, DCI, modern Java
  • Experience with alternative JVM languages is a plus
  • Good understanding of web tech stack: HTTP(S), REST, HATEOAS, Web-Sockets
  • Participation in open-source projects and other community activities (presenting at developer conference, high StackOverflow reputation, etc.) is a strong plus
  • Knowledge of Python (preferred), Ruby, Perl or any other dynamic language or experience with them
  • Experience with Django (preferred), Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Flask or other web framework for dynamic language is a plus
  • Front-end development skills: JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Goodies we provide:

  • Work in a unique product company (no outsourcing!) with exceptional people
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Paid attendance of conferences and seminars
  • Free lunches
  • Medical insurance and sport
  • Superb office space in the city center with a great view over Taras Shevchenko Park
  • Two-minute walk from metro Lva Tolstogo, Kyiv
  • One month of annual vacation and paid sick-leave
  • Relocation support for people willing to move to Kyiv, including transportation costs, first month’s rent, etc.
  • Competitive salary, reviewed regularly
We love people who are open, honest, kind, cheerful, and have a decent sense of humor.
Общаться с Андреем очень увлекательно. Я застаю его кодящим в разных частях оффиса, всегда с горящими глазами обсуждающего разные технические штуки. Такой реальный девелопер и фанат новых технологий. Приятно работать с человеком у которого можно учиться, с которым можно делиться, и вместе переться от работы которая помогает уже больше миллиону людей в мире писать грамотно.

Мы с Андреем будем рады пообщаться с вами и распить чаю и кофию, а также отобедать на нашем балконе с видом на парк Шевченко.
Вот интервью наших ребят на DOU: Гарика, который управляет разработкой  http://dou.ua/lenta/interviews/profit-show-xiv-george-serebrennikov-grammarly/

Если вам интересно обсудить проект, задать вопросы и просто душевно поговорить, пишите на vpridatko@yandex.ru или стукнитесь в скайп: vprydatko
А еще мы только вернулись из Грузии, куда ездили командой, вот вам фоточка ночного Тбилиси. Красота!

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