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Нужен Lisp developer в Grammarly. Работать с Севой, это вообще лучшее, что может быть.

We’re looking for a talented algorithmic developer with solid Lisp skills and an interest in linguistics and natural language processing.
At Grammarly, we use Common Lisp, but if you’ve worked with some other Lisp flavour, that’s fine, as long as you’re willing to learn and master Common Lisp. It goes without saying that you should be well versed in both object-oriented and functional paradigms. You also have to be comfortable with the idea of coding some Java and, preferably, have some hands-on experience with it. We’ll give you bonus points if you have a broad technical background and notable achievements beyond Lisp, contribute to open-source, write a blog or are otherwise active in the tech community.
To understand better what people work at Grammarly, there are some  interviews of our guys on DOU website:  Garik, who manages product development  and Grammarly founders, Max and Lesha

Meet your future colleague

Vsevolod Demkin

Vsevolod Dyomkin

Software Developer, Adjunct Professor at NTU “KPI”, Co-organizer of TEDxKyiv
My main occupation in Grammarly is improving the core grammar engine, which requires a lot of research and exploratory programming. We really try to be on the cutting edge of NLP-related technologies, but this doesn’t mean that at times I’m not involved in doing client-side work in our JavaScript editor, helping with the improvement of our deployment infrastructure, or discussing the implementation of some new projects and features.

As a member of our NLP team, you will have the luxury to focus on challenging following tasks, such as:

  • driving development of new features for our grammar checking engine, improving its accuracy and speed
  • implementing of data crunching tools for linguists and fellow engineers
  • creating of fast and scalable distributed network services in Lisp and Java, working closely with our DevOps team
  • brainstorming with us on ways to make Grammarly even smarter, explore new technologies at the forefront of modern natural language processing and machine learning
You will get to work with amazing engineers, linguists, and business minds from all over the world and experience the magic of direct access within a small team that pays attention to your ideas and contributions. In turn, we expect you to continuously learn, strive for perfection and optimum performance, as well as derive joy from sharing with and helping your peers.


  • passion for software development
  • 2+ years of experience with Lisp (preferably Common Lisp)
  • 2+ years of commercial experience with mainstream languages, preferably Java/Python strong algorithmic skills
  • interest in the English language
  • participation in open-source or commercial Lisp projects with a real user base Unix as the primary development platform
  • good written and spoken English

The following are desirable:

  • background in NLP or at least one of the following fields: ML, AI/Robotics, Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Theoretical Computer Science
  • completion/enrollment in AI-related online courses (AI, ML, NLP, etc.)

Goodies we provide:

  • Work in a unique product company (no outsourcing!) with exceptional people
  • Paid attendance of conferences and seminars
  • Free lunches
  • Medical insurance and sport
  • Superb office space in the city center with a great view over Taras Shevchenko Park
  • Two-minute walk from metro Lva Tolstogo, Kyiv
  • One month of annual vacation and paid sick-leave
  • Relocation support for people willing to move to Kyiv, including transportation costs, first month’s rent, etc.
  • Competitive salary, reviewed regularly
We love people who are open, honest, kind, cheerful and have a decent sense of humor.
I'll be happy to receive a message from you via email: vpridatko@yandex.ru, or skype:vprydatko

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