понедельник, 18 июля 2011 г.

Вакансия - Awesome Ruby Programmer :). Ну очень душевная компания.

Привет дорогие читатели :)

Лето меня радует неожиданно вменяемыми и приятными работодателями, которым, прежде всего, важны люди как люди, а не люди как ресурсы. Вот вакансия одного из них. Компания специализируется на доставке мейлов. Ищут Ruby программиста. Мне очень понравилось их описание проекта, сразу видно, что компанию создали увлеченные программисты. Если понравится вам, покажите вашим друзьям "рубистам", вдруг это компания их мечты?

Высылайте резюме на vpridatko@yandex.ru, skype: vprydatko 

И конечно бонус за рекомендацию такого замечательного программиста - 500$ :)

Job Description

You know what's great about writing software? You take something that exists only in your head and you turn it into something real. You create something out of nothing, and when it's thumping and breathing in front of you, you share it with the world. Do you want to share your ideas with the world?

Our company needs people who write code because they think writing code is awesome. We're not like other companies. We're small, we're built and run by programmers, and we're trying to do cool things with software. We'll treat you right, we'll pay you right, and we'll help you grow. In exchange, we expect you to put your heart into your work, to write great code, and to be reliable.

What We're Doing:

We are building a modern software platform for intelligent email delivery and management. We're in the email industry, but we're not doing dirty things. We send email for medium and large businesses, mostly in the US and Europe, and we help them keep track of what happens when they send those emails.

The platform we're building is a beautiful blend of some exciting components,

- Modern API development: allowing our customers to hook into everything we've got.
- Massive data storage and processing: keeping track of all data flowing through our network, processing it, and learning from it.
- Cool Interfaces: built on top of our own API and using our collected data to present real-time and complicated information to end-users.
- Serious Message Delivery: We send a lot of email. More than you'd imagine. And we're getting very good at understanding how to do it right.

What You'll Be Doing:

You will be part of our core team working on the new technology described above. You'll be using your experience to,
- Implement a modern infrastructure using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Linux, RSpec, and a slew of other common open source supporting technologies.
- Employ test-driven and behavior-driven development, and jump-start continuous integration.
- Become a serious pro on email technology. We'll help you get there.
- Collaborate with the team on the way we work - designing coding practices, deployment process, and development roadmap.

Desired Skills & Experience


- Serious experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails on a *nix platform.
- 2+ years direct experience with Linux.
- Demonstrable experience creating or using web-based APIs.
- Familiarity with object-oriented design, design patterns, and how they apply to Ruby
- Formidable XHTML/CSS/JavaScript and MVC framework experience

Would Be Nice:

- Knows Agile development practices, thinks they’re awesome, and is excited to use them.
- Knowledge and understanding of data storage/modeling for scalability and performance.
- Familiarity with the git version control system.
- Hands-on experience with redis, memcached, or similar technology.
- A fan of using and contributing to open source.

Note: Talented Perl or Python programmers who think they can cut it in this role are encouraged to apply.

Company Description

We are an independent service provider exclusively focused upon the execution of email delivery. We provide email services in a world where not everybody sending email is somebody we can trust. As a company we are dedicated to helping only legitimate senders to send the messages they need to send, while innovating technical and social solutions to preventing the transmission of SPAM and email abuse.

Basic compensation package is their salary plus a certain number of
Paid Time Off (PTO) days, which are like flexible
vacation/holiday/sick days. We basically added up all these things
into a lump pool for each person, instead of requiring that they take
certain days as holidays and others as vacation. It seems to work

We offer the following perks,

  - We are a publicly traded company on the US stock market, and all
employees receive stock options. Well performing employees may receive
additional options, in addition to any raises or bonuses they may
  - We buy laptops for our employees. Employees can choose between us
buying and owning the laptop, or they can buy a personal laptop (which
they own) and we'll contribute up $1000 towards the cost.
  - Weekly English lessons
  - Flexible work hours
  - Trainings, seminars, and conference attendance is encouraged and funded
  - Great office location, right in the center, with parking
  - Office perks: Snacks, drinks, Xbox, movies, etc.

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