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Python/JavaScript developer for Getgoing.com

We are looking for an experienced Python/JavaScript  developer for Getgoing.com

They revolutionize customer segmentation for airlines and hotels to sell the cheapest tickets and rooms on Earth. They have invented a novel distribution method that helps move unsold airline seats at 20% off the total inventory worth tens of billions of dollars to discretionary leisure travelers. Their customers are expected to pick two destinations instead of one while being able to select specific itineraries to both destinations at huge exclusive discounts negotiated directly with airlines. They select one of these two itineraries and ticket it, revealing it to the customer after processing the payment. Since destination flexibility is necessary for booking, the sales exclude business travellers, those visiting friends and relatives (VFR) and nonflexible leisure customers. The company is currently developing a hotel inventory segmentation product.

Here are some links about company's success 

The company is based in San Francisco (primarily business and product) and Kiev (development). They have the strongest python development team in Kiev and Ukrainian office is located right next to Teatral'naya metro station. 

Main used technologies:
Python, Django 1.5, CouchBase, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Amazon EC2/S3/EMR, Splunk, Linux

We are looking for an experienced engineer who is interested in travel, writes elegant code, knows when to worry (and when not to worry) about performance, and follows software development best practices including test-driven development, code reviews, and documenting.

Passion for building simple and scalable systems
Command of Python. Other OOP experience is a plus
Experience with Django
Knowledge and understanding of Javascript
Experience with backbone.js and underscore.js is a big plus
Comfortable with Linux
Database (SQL and NoSQL) knowledge is a plus
Analytical with strong problem solving skills and attention to detail

Here is the company review from the python developer Andrey Popovich Python backend developer: 
Мне в первую очередь нравится атмосфера. Люди работают и им не пофигу на продукт. Предложения по улучшениям сразу рассматриваются, обсуждаются и даже реализовываются, а не откладываются в долгий ящих.
Очень крутая команда, как в плане опыта, так и просто пообщаться, so far это лучшее место, где мне доводилось работать."
«Я только что поговорил с программистом о том, как он исправил баг. Ему показалось более правильным моё предложение и в течении 30 минут он это исправил. Мне очень нравится работать в этой команде и над этим проектом.»

I will be happy to introduce very talented people to work on a great product. :) Your resumes are welcome at vpridatko@yandex.ru и amazingitpeople@gmail.com

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