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"Bright Leadership Evening" - 27 января. Для людей развивающих себя и других.

Дорогие мои!

Приглашаю вас на "Bright Leadership Evening" - 27 января.

Что такое "Bright Leadership Evening"? Это вечер неформального общения людей, занимающихся развитием других людей и отвечающих за развитие человеческого потенциала компаний. Вы можете ожидать хороший рассказ о лидерстве, его важности, его развитии в рамках компании, а также какую выгоду это принесет.

Встреча будет на английском языке :)

Daniel Lewis
Educated in London, Daniel has over 30 years experience in large blue chip companies, including Nestlé, General Motors, SABMiller, and Heineken. He has substantial board experience in Central and Eastern Europe and has been running his own company for the past ten years, focusing exclusively on Leadership development at all levels in a business. He is a Chartered Management Accountant with extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Information Technology gained both in the FMCG and Automotive sectors.
In addition to developing and delivery high impact leadership development programmes, Daniel is also a highly accomplished Executive coach. Having completed the Henley Management College Coaching programme he has coached a large number of C.E.O.s and Directors from different industries including the Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Manufacturing, FMCG, Financial services and Sales/Distribution industries.
He has also developed and run a number of highly successful leadership development programmes, with exceptional results in transferring people management skills to many businesses including Ikea, Johnson and Johnson, Sodexo, Lohika, ITW Hi-Cone, ING Bank and many more.
Born and educated in England, Daniel has lived and worked in six countries and has great experience at working with different cultures. He has been involved in many cross cultural issues and challenges as well as a number of business culture change programmes. Daniel has especially been involved in providing support to companies in Central and Eastern Europe with considerable experience in the Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. Having had extensive hands-on commercial experience at the highest level, including Sales, Marketing, and Operations, Daniel is able to deliver realistic, challenging and competent support to teams and individuals.
In his spare time Daniel enjoys his family as well as travelling, reading, bridge, and listening to music.
Daniel is a Chartered Management Accountant at fellowship level, he is also a fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a member of the Institute of Management Consultancy and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Leadership Development Programmes – How to make them work

Many companies have invested large sums of money in Leadership development programmes for their highest potential staff. Despite this, there is a desperate shortage of quality people leaders in business.
According to Chief Learning Officer Magazine ‘we are ... in the middle of a leadership drought, and this dearth of qualified leaders is wreaking havoc in companies large and small’

So why then have many of these Leadership Development Programmes failed – and what can you do to maximise the chances that yours will be successful?
Daniel Lewis is founder of Bright Leadership – a company which has been for the past ten years, specialising on Leadership development throughout Europe, including the Ukraine. He will share his experiences into why many programmes fail to deliver results and provide some valuable insights to help ensure your talent development programmes really work to deliver strong leaders to help your organisation achieve its potential.
His talk will answer the following:
  1. How to justify a Leadership development programme
  2. How to select talent for a Leadership Programme
  3. Key elements of a successful programme
  4. The case for an external programme
  5. How to make sure your programme is successful


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Ждем вас :).

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