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Backend engineers with Go as primary language for Juno

Hello, guys!

Currently, we are looking for Backend engineers with Go as primary language to join Juno, a new shared ride project from the creators of Viber. Though the startup is young, it strives to compete with Uber and has already celebrated 1 million happy rides. Here, here and here are some news about the project.

We are not looking for career-ambitious superstars or ninja developers, but for experienced multilingual backend developers willing to work in a lean team where code quality matters, not the titles.

Relocation to Minsk is required, and Stock Options pack for employees totally worth it.

R&D center of Juno Lab in Minsk employs 80+ developers. The backend team currently consists of 12.

Technology stack: Go, Microservices architecture.

Our best candidate would have strong backend/web engineering experience using various technologies e.g. Java, Scala, Python, Ruby or other, some experience in Go, and a strong interest to learn and use the latest technologies in software engineering. Having experience of changing technologies stack in the past would be appreciated.

Experience in some of the following would be a great plus:

  • Go
  • Microservices
  • Distributed Systems
  • Public Cloud (AWS)
  • High load Web Services
  • Message Queues
  • NoSQL
  • CI/CD
  • Integration with 3rd party services

The client is not yet able to publicly disclose more details on the project, but we will be happy to tell you more in a private conversation, even more information will be disclosed during first 1 hour Hangout intro call.

Juno offers not only competitive salaries but also company shares, so drop us a line while imagining yourself on your own yacht :)

Lena shyringovskaya@vpteam.com.ua  and Alesya alesya.v.sidorovich@vpteam.com.ua

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