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Java Tech Lead for Grammarly.com. We can be easily satisfied with the very best :)

“We don’t need just any programmer,” said Hawk-nose. “Programmers are in short supply, and are spoiled, but we don’t need a prima donna.”
“What are you working on?” I asked. “As with all science — the happiness of man.”
—Arkadi and Boris Strugatsky
Grammarly is looking for a Tech Lead to join our fast-growing team. The ideal candidate should love programming, including Java and Python, and be a real leader, capable of taking responsibility — not only personal, but also for the team’s progress and results.

Meet your future colleague

Oleksandr Chugai

Oleksandr Chugai

Software Developer
I love my family first and foremost. I enjoy programming, and I have been coding for fun since the 4rd grade. I have been a professional developer for 9 years, and I have worked for Grammarly for the last 4 years. I mostly code in Java, and occasionally in Java Script.

Overall responsibilities include:

  • Leading a 3–4 person SWAT-team of experienced developers, working on one of Grammarly’s current projects, which serves our user-base of several millions users worldwide;
  • Participating in improving and developing components of our Java-based core infrastructure, with some parts in other languages, such as Python and Lisp;
  • Working on different parts of our technology stack (from developing web-frontend to creating high-load network servers, to integrating with external providers);
  • Co-operating closely with other teams (product design, AI/NLP, end-user software) in achieving Grammarly’s vision of conquering the world (or of perfecting written English);
  • Playing a key role in making technical decisions regarding ongoing projects and product improvements;
  • Constantly exploring and evaluating new technologies that are relevant to our products;
  • Contributing to the improvement of our development practices and technologies;
  • Mentoring new hires and junior developers;

Candidates should have the following skills and qualities:

  • 5+ years of software development experience;
  • Ability to lead and focus a team of experienced engineers to a common technical goal;
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and technical disagreements while leading the team to the optimal solution;
  • Expert knowledge of Java;
  • Python experience is a big plus;
  • Strong knowledge of web architecture, REST, SOA, designing for performance, scalability, availability, and security fundamentals;
  • Strong knowledge of network programming and network architectures;
  • Experience with Front End tools and frameworks (JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS);
  • Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.
Rephrasing Winston Churchill, “we can be easily satisfied with the very best”. In addition to the technical requirements provided above, a sense of humor is non-negotiable.

Goodies we provide:

  • Work in a unique product company (no outsourcing!) with exceptional people;
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Paid attendance of conferences and seminars.
  • Free lunches.
  • Superb office space in the city center with a great view over Taras Shevchenko Park.
  • 2 minute walking distance from metro Lva Tolstogo, Kyiv.
  • One month of annual vacation and paid sick-leave.
  • Relocation support for people willing to move to Kyiv, including transportation costs, first month’s rent, etc.
  • Competitive salary reviewed regularly.
If you want to experience what the great job is, send me your resume to: vpridatko@yandex.ru, skype: vprydatko.

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