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Команда-девелоперов контракторов делает проекты

We are the team of 3 independent developers based in Ukraine (Kiev). Two of us are senior developers with 6+ years of game development experience and one with 2+ years of experience. Last few years we worked together on the following projects with European customers and investors.

Twinity – mirror virtual world with real cities 3D replicas, generated from GIS data. (
We worked in different departments on 3D rendering (C++, DirectX, HLSL, PhysX, SpeedTree SDK, ScaleForm UI library, dPVS SDK, EMotionFX SDK), game server (C++, boost, Ice framework, Python), client and UI scripting (Python, Scaleform, C++, Vivox, FMOD), GIS map editing tools (C# server running under Mono, PostgreSQL). Twinity was based on BigWorld technology initially, but it was replaced by internal product, and we took part in its server and client development.

Onyx (codename, in progress) - geo-social virtual world.
We have started development using Unity3D engine and Smartfox framework but Unity3D GUI could not fulfill our needs, so our focus moved to implementation of our own UI library called Silverform (see below). Currently Onyx is being developed by another team.

Silverform (
http://silverform.com) - pure C# implementation of WPF/Silverlight framework with Mono/OpenTK and Unity3D engine frontends and support for XAML, rich controls, styles, templates, animations, data binding.

Grandmaster (code-name, pre-production,
http://player.vimeo.com/video/30590242) - 2D game for iOS/Android based on Unity3D engine with Facebook, Twitter, OpenFeint integration.

Technologies used in previous projects:
- C#, Java, C++, Python, SQL, J2ME
- Unity3D, Smartfox, BigWorld, Scaleform, GIS
- SVN, Mercurial

Tools used in previous projects:
- JIRA, Assembla, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo, ScrumDo

We are using best practices from XP and Scrum (fixed iterations, version control, continuous integration, test driven development, unit-tests, pair programming) in our work.

Наше направление - мобильные приложения и игры (Unity3D, MonoTouch - C#).

Alexey Shikov
email: alexey.shikov@gmail.com
skype: alexey.shikov
+380 93 075 7899      

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