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Front-end engineer for Getgoing.com

We are looking for  front-end engineer to join our development team.

We need a person who has:
- Mastery of cross-browser, cross-platform HTML and CSS.
- Knowledge and understanding of JavaScript. 
- Strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. You must be able to work with PSDs
- Ability to quickly and independently turn design into high-quality front-end code
- Understanding of web standards, web design best practices, principles of user interaction, and visual design and composition.

- Extremely detail oriented, striving for pixel perfect implementation in all browsers.
- Disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.
- Comfortable working in a Unix environment.

- Ability to produce fresh Web 2.0 designs
- Mobile web development experience.
- Photography, painting, or another artistic activity as a hobby.


We use Heroku as platform as a service (PaaS) for the web tier, which provides for horizontally scaling app servers as well as for vertically scaling the DB (postgres), instantiating followers, etc.  We also use Amazon EC2 for select back-end services.  Our back-end code is written in python / Django.  We use backbone.js on the front-end for our search result page that has a lot of logic to it.  So far we've been using MemCached, but we are likely to be adding CouchBase as persistent cache in the short term.  We make extensive use of RabbitMQ for communication among different services.  We use S3/map-reduce and Splunk for working with logs and analytics.  Finally, we use Jenkins for continuous integration and Facebook's Phabricator for code reviews.

О компании:

GetGoing is a travel innovation company that revolutionizes customer
segmentation for airlines and creates the cheapest tickets on earth.
We have invented a novel distribution method that helps move unsold
airline seats - up to 20% of the total inventory worth tens of
billions of dollars - to discretionary leisure travelers. GetGoing
customers are expected to pick two destinations instead of one while
being able to select specific itineraries to both destinations at huge
exclusive discounts negotiated by GetGoing directly with airlines.
GetGoing selects one of these two itineraries and tickets it,
revealing it to the customer after processing the payment. Since
destination flexibility is necessary for booking, our sales exclude
business travelers, those visiting friends and relatives (VFR), and
non-flexible leisure customers.

GetGoing has patented inventory distribution technology for air
travel, hotels, packages, and other travel verticals.

GetGoing is funded by Yury Milner, Lightbank (Groupon founders), Y
Combinator, and other prominent investors.  Please visit 
https://www.getgoing.com/about/ to learn about the team.

Some recent press about Getgoing:
Venturebeat - http://bit.ly/XQO7fm
Chicago Tribune - http://trib.in/XQO3wf
Travel + Leisure: http://bit.ly/14kVX0z

Your resume are welcome to vpridatko@yandex.ru 
My skype: vprydatko

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